What users write about the plugins

Review from Dennis de Laat

I have been using MBS since version 6 and I just can’t live without it!

I use FileMaker as my quick prototyping tool whenever I need to model a database, a program or whatever else.

In these cases speed is of the essence and you don’t want to waste time reinventing the wheel.

MBS is my Swiss army knife whenever I start a new project. Christian himself is also very helpful if you need to know something specific!

Every new iteration of the software brings new stuff you did not think you needed before.

You will NOT regret buying this tool! ;)

Dennis de Laat
Media Cowboyz BV

Review from John DeMillion


Based on our experiences so far, your MBS plugin for FileMaker is head and shoulders above the other web/URL plugins we've used. We've found the other web plugins extremely time-consuming to use, and they seem to fail on complex sites with lots of cookies and sessions and such to track, even when we took the time to carefully reverse-engineer everything that the site was trying to do. In our current project, while we previously had things working well with another plugin, the website suddenly changed to a more complex model and we tried for many hours to get it working again, without success.

But with the MBS plugin's "WebView" components, we got our solution up and running again in less than a day. The MBS WebView model is absolutely brilliant: let FileMaker's WebViewer object do the heavy background lifting with cookies and sessions, etc, and just concentrate on controlling the WebViewer with the input that a user would normally give to a browser. The result was that it took us significantly less time to code this solution than with the previous plugins that we've used, and the resulting scripts are far more straightforward.

Thank you for the MBS FileMaker plugin and also for your super-quick work on the custom function that we needed; if not for MBS, we'd still be beating our heads on a brick wall trying to get our solution working.

John DeMillion Chester County Intermediate Unit United States

Review from Steve Thomas

the web viewer in filemaker has a great deal of power. Unfortunately, it was not given a voice of its own when the folks at filemaker built and brought it to life. The conversational one sidedness can make things a bit lonely. It turns out that there is a voice in the webviewer. in fact, there's a LOUD voice. Monkeybread's mbs plug in for filemaker is all that is needed to turn it on. Just be warned...uv been throwing rocks into a giant pool of calm water for some time. That calm water may just start throwing rocks at you. TheShortVersion: once u go from being limited to the oneway pushing of filemaker data > webviewer and living with mere "data display", to real 2way communication the likes of what can be accomplished when u can fire scripting from elements inside the web viewer, ur solutions will transform.

- steve thomas

Review from Simon Gerads

The MBS FileMaker Plug-in is a must have for all FileMaker developers. It is a Plug-in with many different solutions and each one of them works great. The power of all functions is amazing and the support is by far the best I have ever had. A question is answered in less the 24 hours and if thats not good enough. A sample is created by Christian to demonstrated the function.

I use the MBS FileMaker Plug-In almost everyday and the great thing is - it just works.

Keep up the great work and all the good ideas. Thanks a lot for your amazing Plug-In is by far the best.

- Simon Gerads

Empfehlung von Jens Liebelt

Warum ich mich für das MBS-Plugin entschieden habe?

1. Der Funktionsumfang ist breitgefächert. 2. Der Support ist hervorragend und erfolgt zeitnah. 3. Die Weiterentwicklung ist an Dynamik kaum zu überbieten. 4. Die Nutzer werden immer wieder aufgefordert, selbst Anstöße für die Entwicklung neuer Funktionen zu geben. 5. Das MBS-Plugin ist jeden Cent wert.

Ich brauche sicherlich nicht alle Funktionen, jeder hat eben seine Schwerpunkte. Die Komponenten WebView, Container, CURL, GraphicsMagick, String, DragDrop, PDFKit sind jetzt feste Bestandteile für meine Lösungen. SQL (seit V. 2.6) wird sicherlich eine weitere Basis für neue Lösungen werden.

Ich kann das MBS-Plugin wirklich aus voller Überzeugung empfehlen.

Jens Liebelt

Review from Ryan Brandys

The Monkey Bread FileMaker Plugin is an amazing extension for FileMaker Pro. It has more power and granular control over web requests, including GETs, PUTs, and POSTS. And it’s JSON parsing tools are a must as more of the web moves to JSON for its APIs.

The Code Coloring alone is worth the cost of the plugin! I have been saying FileMaker should do this for years, and finally someone has stepped up and done it. Amazing!

The developers of this plugin are always working to improve this plugin and add new features. I would highly recommend Monkey Bread’s FileMaker plugin!

-Ryan Brandys
President, Branmuffin Industries