Release notes for version 3.5 - 17th December 2013

New functions in 3.5

  • Added Barcode creation and recognition functions.
  • Added DynaPDF Table functions.
  • Added first version of 64bit plugin for Windows, required for WebDirect on FileMaker 13.
  • Added line numbers for Scripteditor and Debugger.
  • Added SSL socket methods for our socket functions.
  • Added additional checks to OCR functions to avoid a crash if you OCR without an image.
  • Added Addressbook.personFromVCardTextRepresentation.
  • Added Addressbook.searchPeopleWithModificationDate and Addressbook.searchPeopleWithCreationDate to find recent changes.
  • Added all the missing libXL functions and renamed existing ones (old names still valid).
  • Added App.GetProcessPath function.
  • Added CURL.SetOptionTLSAuthPassword, CURL.SetOptionTLSAuthType and CURL.SetOptionTLSAuthUsername.
  • Added DynaPDF orientation functions.
  • Added DynaPDF.HighlightPattern function to search for text and add highlight annotations.
  • Added DynaPDF.Release and DynaPDF.New functions.
  • Added FileMaker Clipboard Helper application.
  • Added Files.ReadFile and Files.WriteFile function.
  • Added FM.ExecuteFileSQL function.
  • Added functions to get notifications from Addressbook about inserted, updated or deleted persons/groups.
  • Added functions to get notifications from Calendar about inserted, updated or deleted events/tasks/calendars.
  • Added GMImage.Strip.
  • Added JPEG 2000 support for GraphicsMagick on Mac OS X (was already there on Windows).
  • Added more calendar functions related to Alarms and Attendees (see new example database).
  • Added new RichText functions to also write RTF/Doc files on Mac.
  • Added PrintDialog functions to control printer dialog on Mac. (print to specific printer and print to PDF)
  • Added String.SoundExGerman.
  • Added SystemInfo.isMavericks function.
  • Added Trace.ErrorsOnly function.
  • Added Twain functions for AutomaticBrightness, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Shadow and Highlight.
  • Added Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks functions:
  • Changed DynaPDF functions to not only take flags as text, but also as numbers.
  • Changed DynaPDF functions to take new first parameter with the PDF Reference. This way we can make the plugin thread safe for FileMaker server and you can edit multiple PDFs at the same time. You need to call DynaPDF.New to get a new PDF reference and pass it to all functions. Finally call DynaPDF.Release to free memory.
  • Changed PNG library and Graphicsmagick library to not throw exception in case of some warnings.
  • First plugins build with Mac OS X 10.9.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks with Webviewer extensions on Windows.
  • Fixed bug in Container.GetTypeSize.
  • Fixed bug in CURL.SSLVersion on Windows.
  • Fixed bug in SQL plugin with setting text parameter to SQLite prepared statement.
  • Fixed bug in writing zip archives on Windows. Archives were bloated/corrupt.
  • Fixed bug with Zip file creation. Finder now unpacks them again.
  • Fixed crash with geometry functions in GraphicsMagick.
  • Fixed CURL on Windows to once again include SSL. (broken in 3.4)
  • Functions returning UTF-8 text not validate the UTF-8 in order to avoid FileMaker crashing with invalid UTF-8 characters.
  • Improved detection of undeclared variables in script editor.
  • Restored compatibility to FileMaker 10 on Windows. This was broken due to using FileMaker 12 only functions which are now loaded on demand.
  • The highlighting of variable names being undeclared is now off by default and can be enabled by SyntaxColoring.CheckVariableDeclaration.Enable command.
  • Updated SQLAPI++ 4.1.2.
  • Updated Syntax Highlighting to show also colors in FileMaker 12 on the script step list in script editor.

New in version 3.4   New in version 4.0

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