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Our plug-ins enhances Xojo with over 73,000 new functions!

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Plug-in Packages

Plug-in Contains
DynaPDF Create, import and modify PDF files on Mac, Windows and Linux. Includes PDF split and merge, fonts embedding and text extraction. With Pro version you can render PDF pages.
Dynapdf Starter vs. Lite vs. Pro vs. Enterprise
ChartDirector Professional charts for Xojo
SQL Access SQL Databases:
CubeSQL, Centura SQLBase, DB2, Firebird, Informix, InterBase, MariaDB, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, Oracle Database Server, PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere, SQLite, SQLCipher and Sybase.
Complete Our collection of 40 plugins.

Plug-in parts (included in Complete)

Plug-in Contains
AVFoundation The plugin for Apple's AVFoundation framework. Record, load and edit assets, export and convert, play and extract. The preferred framework for audio and video on macOS.
Audio Crossplatform Midi and Audio. And Windows Midi classes.
Barcode Create and recognize barcodes.
Bluetooth Classes for Bluetooth and Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE for macOS and Windows.
Cameras * Use the Nikon or Canon Digital EOS SDK to access Nikon or Canon digital cameras.
Compression zlib compression and gzip file handling. Archive classes for tar/zip and other formats.
ComputerControl The plugin to simulate keyboard and mouse input and do gamma changes.
CURL Download and Upload class.
Protocols: ftp, ftps, sftp, http, https, gopher, telnet, dict, ldap and file.
DataTypes * Various data type classes like stacks, maps (specialized case sensitive dictionary classes) and sets.
Dongle Unikey, HASP, Matrix and Rockey dongles. Kagi Registration Module (KRM)
DuckDB Classes to connect use DuckDB database engine in Xojo.
Encryption Encryption like AES, BlowFish and RC4. Hashes like SHA3, SHA512 and others.
FMAPI Connect to Claris FileMaker Server via Data or Admin API.
GraphicMagick Create, edit, and compose bitmap images using the ImageMagick library. It can read, convert and write images in a variety of formats (over 100) including DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG, and TIFF. Use ImageMagick to translate, flip, mirror, rotate, scale, shear and transform images, adjust image colors, apply various special effects, or draw text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bézier curves.
Images * Read and write Tiff files. Handles ICC profiles, CMYK, Grayscale, Black/White and RGB images
Read and write GIF files.
Read and write JPEG images in RGB and CMYK color space. Handles extensions like ICC Profiles or XMP metadata, resolutions, corrupted jpeg files and lossless tranformations (rotate, mirror and others).
Read and Write PNG files.
Cross platform optical text recognition based on the Tesseract OCR engine.
Java Use Java classes in Xojo. And access databases using JDBC from Real Studio Standard.
Linux * Linux only stuff: HTMLViewer extensions and avahi classes for zeroconf.
Mac64bit macOS 64bit only classes: Photos, TouchBar, WebKit 2.x, Contacts, EventKit, Social and Accounts frameworks.
MacCF Mac OS classes for CoreFoundation framework
MacCG Mac OS classes for CoreGraphics framework
MacCI macOS only stuff: Mac OS classes for CoreImage framework
MacClassic Mac OS only stuff:
Drag and Drop, KeyChain, AppleScript, Colorsync, Alias, Apple Filing Protocol, Clipboard and Speech.
MacCloud Classes for iCloud and Mac App Store.
MacCocoa Cocoa classes: AppleRemote, StatusItem, SpeechSynthesizer and SpeechRecognizer, Save/OpenPanel, PDFKit, SpellChecking and Addressbook.
MacControls Mac Controls like NSTextView, PDFViewer, HTMLViewer extensions (WebKit), DiscRecording, Canvas gestures and buttons.
MacExtras Extras for macOS: Attached window, Password field, Sparkle (in-app Updates), iTunes Library, Apple Remotes, OSA Kit, Continuity Camera, patches for Drag & Drop and Accessibility.
MacFrameworks Mac OS frameworks for Notifications, NSURLSession, Sharing, Game Kit, OpenCL, Core WLAN, Calendar Database and FSEvents.
MacOSX macOS only stuff:
DVD Playback, Growl, CoreImage, CoreAudio, LaunchServices, ImageCapture, Loginitems and Bonjour
Main Free for all registered users
Network Network related classes like SSH, DNS lookup, TCP and UDP Sockets.
OCR OCR classes for text recognition.
Overlay Display windows with full alpha channel.
Picture Icons, Screenshots and some picture effects.
Scan images on Mac/Windows using twain compatible scanners.
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ an open-source project implementing a message-broker software. It's a server software to do message queues and then there are various clients available to use the services. Our plugin wraps the library for Xojo and includes OpenSSL for encrypted connections.
Tools Run JavaScript without HTMLViewer
Connect to SAP systems via RFC
Clean up HTML (or XML) code
Regular Expressions with correct encoding handling.
Run PHP scripts in Xojo.
Parse and format MarkDown text as HTML.
Classes to talk to SmartCard Readers.
USB Classes for HID USB devices on macOS and Windows.
Util Utility plugin parts like encryption, string and memoryblock funtions. Includes functions for running Ghostscript.
VLC Classes for using VLC library to play videos on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Win Windows only classes for Drag & Drop, Photos Acquire, Color Matching, DDE, file and URL shortcuts, Speech, MCI, User Notifications, printer lists and HTMLViewer extensions.
Classes for Windows Image Acquisition to import images from digital cameras.
Windows Telephone API to receive and make phone calls.
Record video on Windows from webcams or digital video cameras.
WinFrameworks Windows only classes for Windows Machine Learning, WebView2 control, Windows Store, File Dialogs, Location and Photo Acquire.
XL * Classes for working with word files and reading/writing Excel files using libXL (separate license).
XMP * Created and parse XMP metadata

* only available as part of the Complete package.
Please check our order pages for prices. Updates for 50% of the price. Click on each part to see details.
Complete does not include a LibXL, DynaPDF, a SQL or a ChartDirector license.

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