Monkeybread Software

Software for iPhone, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows

with Xojo (Real Studio), C/C++/Objective-C, AppleScript, Java, Perl, PHP and HTML.

Monkeybread Software uses Xojo (Real Studio) for software development. Along with a few free and shareware titles, we offer custom software development and plug-ins for FileMaker, Xojo, Real Studio and REALbasic.

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Our newest software:

MBS FileMaker Plugin Version 6.3
from 12th July 2016
Download Mac ( 154M ) Download Win ( 165M )
MBS Xojo Plugins Version 16.3
from 12th July 2016
Download Mac ( 429M ) Download Win/Linux ( 451M )
Transparent Screensaver Version 2.4
from 7th March 2016
Download ( 124K )
Updater Kit Version 2.0
from 2nd March 2016
Bug Reporter Kit Version 1.2
from 1st March 2016
IP in Menubar Version 4.5
from 23rd February 2016

The biggest plugin in space...

The biggest Xojo / Real Studio plug-in...

... with around 59,000 functions to extend Xojo (Real Studio).

Our FileMaker plug-in

Over 4,000 functions for FileMaker 7 to 15.

Watch tutorial videos:

ThumbnailDevCon 2016 Presentation

(Mac OS X and Windows)

1:22:16 minutes

MBS Realbasic tutorial videos