Release notes for MBS Xojo Plugins 19.3 - 24th July 2019

See also the documentation on new items and Announcement in Blog.

  • Added examples for ZUGFeRD 2.0 and Factur-X for DynaPDF.
  • Added JSONMBS.Sort method.
  • Added OpenSSLMBS.PKCS7SignedData function to read data from P7M files.
  • Added OpenDirectory classes for Xojo: ODQueryMBS, ODRecordMBS, ODNodeMBS and ODSessionMBS.
  • Added BindedValues and BindedTypes property for SQLPreparedStatements to inspect bindings.
  • Added constants for DynaPDF to create ZUGFerd 2.0 and Factur-X files.
  • Added constants kofConvertToGray, kofConvertToRGB, kofConvertToCMYK and kocReplaceJP2KWithJPEG for DynaPDFMBS class.
  • Added currentFactory property and NewPictureMBS method for PictureFactoryMBS class.
  • Added isCatalina function for SystemInformationMBS class.
  • Added LibVersion, BarcodeMailMark, BarcodeUPNQR, BarcodeVin, FontSize and InputModeEscape to BarcodeGeneratorMBS class.
  • Added LinuxWebViewMBS.IsLoading function.
  • Added multi line support for DynaPDFMBS graphics support with StringShape object.
  • Added NSFileManagerMBS.fileManagerWithAuthorization method.
  • Added NSWorkspaceAuthorizationMBS class.
  • Added NSWorkspaceMBS.requestAuthorization method.
  • Added OptionMaxAgeConn property for CURLSMBS class.
  • Added replaceItemAtURL methods for NSFileManagerMBS class.
  • Added SCNGeometryElementMBS, SCNGeometrySourceMBS, SCNGeometryTessellatorMBS and SCNLevelOfDetailMBS classes for SceneKit.
  • Added StartTLS method to LDAPMBS class.
  • Added SQLDatabaseMBS.kOptionLibraryCubeSQL and SQLConnectionMBS.kOptionLibraryCubeSQL constants.
  • Added TagLibFileRefMBS Properties dictionary for getting IDv3 tags and similar values.
  • Added trace support for graphics calls in DynaPDFMBS.
  • Added WindowsADSystemInfoMBS class to query Active Directory details for current user.
  • Added ZintRenderHexagonMBS.Height property.
  • Added ZoneID property for CURLSURLMBS class.
  • Changed AVCaptureVideoDataOutputMBS to set alwaysDiscardsLateVideoFrames to true by default.
  • Changed C++ to 2017 dialect for Xcode 11.
  • Changed Create3DView in DynaPDFMBS class to now use unicode version of the function. Also keep old function as Create3DViewAnsi.
  • Changed CURLSMultiMBS.AddCURL function to apply same default settings if needed as normal Perform in CURLSMBS.
  • Changed graphics.DrawObject for DynaPDF to restore page coordinate setting.
  • Changed iTunesLibraryMediaEntityMBS.persistentID to Int64.
  • Changed JSONMBS.Convert to accept JSONMBS objects in array/dictionary.
  • Changed NSColorMBS constructor and colorValue property to always use generic RGB for compatibility to Xojo.
  • Changed Picture.CGColorSpaceMBS function to return default Generic RGB colorspace used by Xojo if no other is set for picture.
  • Changed PictureMBS to allow more effects with mapped pictures. But performance may be slow.
  • Deprecated ImageCaptureMBS and ImageCaptureObjectMBS classes.
  • Fixed a crash in MidiThruConnectionMBS class in the setup process.
  • Fixed a problem in DynaPDFTableMBS with CellOrientation.
  • Fixed a problem with DynaPDFMBS ReplacePattern function and fonts missing the CID Ordering table.
  • Fixed CSTransformMBS to better pick right alpha info for Xojo pictures.
  • Fixed geometrySourceWithData function in SCNGeometrySourceMBS class.
  • Fixed HTML tags for JSONMBS.ToHTML function.
  • Fixed issue with DynaPDFMBS graphics and center aligned text in reports.
  • Fixed memory leak with TagLibFileRefMBS class.
  • Fixed MKMapViewMBS.showAddress method to correctly center on the found placemark instead of the region for that placemark.
  • Fixed MKPinAnnotationViewMBS constructor.
  • Fixed problem with WinUserNotificationMBS class to show three lines in notifications.
  • Implemented WebKit2 support for Linux partially.
  • Improved automatic CURL library loading on Linux to better find the library.
  • Improved destructor for FSEventsMBS class to avoid a possible crash.
  • Improved SplitCommaSeparatedValuesMBS to better handle new lines.
  • Removed helpWindow, eventWindow and shadowWindow from NSHelpManagerMBS class.
  • Updated CURL to version 7.65.3.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated libcpuid to version 0.4.1.
  • Updated libiconv to version 1.16.
  • Updated libPNG to version 1.6.37.
  • Updated libxlst to version 1.1.33.
  • Updated libxml2 to version 2.9.9.
  • Updated libzint to version 2.6.3.
  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1c.
  • Updated PCRE to version 8.43.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.29.0.
  • Updated WinSparkle to version 0.6.
  • Upgraded NSFileManagerMBS.createSymbolicLink to use createSymbolicLinkAtURL if available.

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Release notes of all versions: Release notes and Announcement in Blog.

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