Release notes for MBS Xojo Plugins 18.2 - 22nd May 2018

See also the documentation on new items and Announcement in Blog.

  • Added Bluetooth plugin with 16 new classes from CoreBluetooth framework to connect to Bluetooth LE devices.
  • Added CanvasGesturesMBS class.
  • Added ABMultiValueMBS.indexForLabel function.
  • Added AddMimePart and FinishMime methods to CURLSMBS class.
  • Added append method to AVMutableCompositionMBS class.
  • Added brotliVersion, brotliVersionNumber, iconvVersionNumber, libidnVersion, libsshVersion, SupportsBrotli, SupportsConv, SupportsGSSAPI, SupportsHTTPSProxy, SupportsKerberos5, SupportsMultiSSL, SupportsNTLMWB, SupportsPSL, SupportsTLSAUTHSRP and SupportsUnixSockets properties to CURLSVersionMBS class.
  • Added CURLSMBS.LasterrorText property.
  • Added CURLSMBS.Paused property.
  • Added CURLSMimePartMBS class.
  • Added CURLSSSLBackendMBS class.
  • Added CWWiFiClientMBS class for MacOS to watch for Wifi changes.
  • Added DynaPDFMBS.GetUsesTransparency, DynaPDFMBS.GetDocUsesTransparency and DynaPDFPageMBS.SetBBox.
  • Added exportMT method to AVAssetExportSessionMBS class.
  • Added GetInfoActiveSocket, GetInfoHTTPVersion, GetInfoProtocol, GetInfoProxySSLVerifyResult and GetInfoScheme methods to CURLSMBS.
  • Added JPEGImporterMBS.ProgressiveMode property.
  • Added JSONMBS.ToHTML function.
  • Added LocalizedCapitalize, LocalizedLowercase and LocalizedUppercase to CFMutableStringMBS class.
  • Added MediaLibrary framework classes for MacOS 64-bit: MLMediaGroupMBS, MLMediaLibraryMBS, MLMediaObjectMBS and MLMediaSourceMBS.
  • Added more printing related functions to WebFrameViewMBS class.
  • Added NSApplicationMBS.runModalForWindow function.
  • Added NSEventMBS.eventWithCGEvent function and NSEventMBS.CGEventRef property.
  • Added NSFileManagerMBS.copyItemMT function.
  • Added NSURLConnectionFilterMBS class for timeout change for Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket on Mac.
  • Added NSUUIDMBS, NSStreamMBS, NSOutputStreamMBS and NSInputStreamMBS classes.
  • Added OptionDNSShuffleAddresses and OptionHAProxyProtocol properties to CURLSMBS class.
  • Added over 50 more CURL options and a lot of constants.
  • Added printing related events to WebUIDelegateMBS class.
  • Added RemoteControlMBS WinBringProcessToTop method.
  • Added TextArea WinSpellcheckingMBS property.
  • Added WindowsGUIResourcesMBS class.
  • Changed AutoCache for SQL Plugin to not try to cache recordsets if there is no result set.
  • Changed AVAudioPlayerMBS to have real properties visible in debugger.
  • Changed CollectOutputData, CollectHeaderData and CollectDebugData for CURLSMBS/CURLMBS/CURLNMBS to track if you set property and if you set to false, we ignore the data and do neither return error nor collect data. If never set, we may turn them to true, when you have no event and no file streaming.
  • Changed CURLSMBS to use less memory for storing properties.
  • Changed CURLSMBS.SetupAWS to no longer complain for empty path string as this is needed for AWS Translate.
  • Changed CURLSMultiMBS and other variants of it to have Pipelining be an integer property and added constants for it.
  • Changed cursor functions for SQL Plugin to return field count = 0 if there is no result set.
  • Changed Graphics.DrawRotatedTextMBS to handle scale on Windows, so HiDPI drawing looks better.
  • Changed TextColor, BackColor and BorderColor in DynaPDFFieldExMBS class from Integer to UInt32.
  • Changed zxingQRCodeReaderMBS to report the version number read when complaining about invalid version in QRCode.
  • Deactivated updater check.
  • Fixed a problem on 64-bit Linux with NetSNMPMBS class causing stack checks to fail.
  • Fixed a problem with Java library loading introduced in 18.1.
  • Fixed BigNumberMBS.CurrencyValue property.
  • Fixed crash with zxingQRCodeReaderMBS with out of bounds access in image for bad QRCodes.
  • Fixed DynaPDFRasterizerMBS.AttachImageBuffer to work with newer Xojo pictures.
  • Fixed FileListMBS.ItemPath on Mac to work for file lists constructed using other file list.
  • Fixed OpenDialogMBS for Cocoa target to handle better file extensions when several are separated by semicolon.
  • Fixed problem in NetSNMPMBS Query where a big query result could lead to overwritten memory.
  • Fixed problem with CDPolarChartMBS.radialAxis freed too often.
  • Fixed problem with loading cairo library on Linux.
  • Fixed problem with SQLConnectionMBS.Options property crashing.
  • Implemented InvertMBS for alpha channel pictures.
  • Improved fields functions for WordFileMBS class to better read/write fields.
  • Improved NetSNMPMBS class to better report parse errors with UnsupportedOperationException function.
  • Improved RemoveAccentsMBS function.
  • Reduced memory footprint of CURLSMBS.FormAddField method.
  • Removed skipping of empty lines in DynaPDFMBS.WriteFTextEx function.
  • Updated CURL to version 7.60.0.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.23.1
  • Updated to SQLAPI 4.2.2.
  • Updated to Xojo 2018r1 plugin SDK.
  • We filter events for OverlayMBS.MouseWheel which have a zero delta.

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