Presentation from June 2020

The English presentation about MBS FileMaker Plugin for virtual dotfmp conference.

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7:30CURL functions
10:25PDFKit and DynaPDF functions
19:30Encryption and Hash funtions
20:40Variables, Dictionary and QuickList functions
23:00ContinuityCamera and DocumentCameraScan functions
24:15XL functions
26:20Wordfile functions
27:00CoreML functions
29:20Contacts and Events functions
31:00FMSQL functions
33:20SQL functions
34:13Schedule functions
35:50Files functions
37:23GraphicsMagick functions
39:00Hotkey functions
39:50UNNotification, UserNotification and WindowsUserNotification functions
40:00WebView functions
42:40JavaScript functions
44:20Socket and SerialPort functions
45:50Printer and PrintDialog functions
46:45AVPlayer and WMFP functions
47:50ImageCapture, TWAIN and WIA functions
49:00Menu functions
49:45JSON and XML functions
51:35Shell functions
53:15iOS functions
53:45DragDrop functions
54:30Barcode functions
55:00MapView functions
56:00Vision functions
56:30RegEx, List, Files.AudioTags, CGImageSource, SharedMemory, Mutex and Window functions
57:35SyntaxColoring functions
60:00Website, Blog, Documentation, Videos and trials.

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