MBS FileMaker Plugin Installation macOS English

Installation of MBS FileMaker Plugins for macOS in English.

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Welcome to this video. My name is Stefanie Juchmes and I want to show you today how you install the MBS Plugin for FileMaker Client on your Mac. we download the Plugin file from the website of monkeybread Software. The URL is www.monkeybreadsoftware.com. We find the MBS FileMaker Plugin in the tab FileMaker Plug-ins. Down here you see the download section. We can choose between two Data formats. We have a Zip Archive and an Apple Disk Image. Both packages have the exact same content. We choose the Apple Disk Image. With a click we start the download. This can take a few minutes.

Meanwhile I show you the documentation. Therefore we click on the tab „Function Reference“. Now we see the components of the MBS FileMaker Plugin. If we click on one of this components, we get a list of all functions in this component. In the individual function we find a description about this function. Here you can see the platforms on which the function can be used. Here you see how to call the function in combination with its parameters. In the table we find informations about each parameter in detail. Also we see what the function returns . Here we see a more detailed description about what the function does and on which points we need to pay attention. Often you will find an example here that shows you how to use this function in a project. This documentation is a very helpful tool for working with the MBS functions.

After the download completes we open it. The download is checked and unzipped. We see the content of the folder. Additional to the Plugin, the folder contains the documentation and an example folder with a lot of examples that you can use in you’re solutions. Here we have the Plugins for different platforms. Today we want to use the Plugin for Mac.

We perform a double click on the folder and see the plugins file MBS.fmplugin. This is the 64 Bit Version of the MBS FileMaker Plugin. If you need an 32 Bit Version, please contact us. We copy the plugin file and start FileMaker. In the preferences Dialog, in the Tab Plugins we click the button Show Plugin Folder. The folder opens and we paste the plugin file. Then we close FileMaker and reopen it. We open the preferences of FileMaker and see that the MBS Plugin is active. If not, please check the checkbox. We can now configure the plugin.

In the configuration, you can configure, activate or deactivate developer functions that the MBS FileMaker plugin supplies to you. With this functions for Exampel you color the script text or you can search in scripts. If you buy a MBS FileMaker Plugin license, you can enter here your license key. The mail that you got from us looks similar to this.(Show Mail) You find all informations in the Mail. On our website you can apply for a trial license. Click on trial license in the navigation and complete the form. The trial license is only working for a few weeks. Please don’t sell or distribute solutions with this tail license. After we check and approve your trail license we send you an email with the license key and the other informations. You also can test all functions without a trail license.

Now we want to use one function from the MBS Plugin. We create a new project and open the Script workspace. We add a new script to the project. We give its a new name. In the Script step section we see a script step MBS Plugin. In this Script we want to get the version of the Plugin in a Custom Dialog. The Version of the Plugin is shown in the preference dialog, but the function is useful checking version in a script. At first we set a variable, because we want the result value of this function. In the value we edit the MBS Function. We start every MBS Function with the call of the Function MBS. Then as the first Parameter we set the function name as a text. With the mac Version the MBS Plugin checks if the function name is valid. If it doesn’t find the function name, it shows the name in red. Else it is a valid function name and it shows blue. For our function the function name is „Version“. If we have more parameters we add them, separated by semicolons behind the function name. But this function doesn’t use more parameters and we click OK. We can show the custom dialog and get $r as result text. We save our script and run it. We see now that we have Version 9.5.0 with Build number 9. If you have Questions about the MBS FileMaker Plugin, you can visit the FAQ section on our website or write us a Mail. We look forward to help you. I wish you a lot of fun with the MBS FileMaker Plugin. Thank you for watching this video.

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