Release notes for version 2.8 - 7th August 2012

New functions in 2.8

  • Added Audit functions.
  • Added UserNotification functions for Mac OS X 10.8.
  • Added RemoteControl functions.
  • Added WebDownloadDelegate.SetFolder, WebDownloadDelegate.GetFolder and WebDownloadDelegate.ClearFolder functions.
  • Added Files.CopyFile, Files.MoveFile and Files.MoveToTrash.
  • Added String.AppendTextFile function.
  • Added CURL.GetInputAsText function. (For Email with Attachments example)
  • Added Files.RenameFile.
  • Added more SystemInfo functions.
  • Added Window.Update command.
  • Added RemoteControl.GetWindowsList
  • Added Window.GetClassName
  • Added Preferences.GetTextSelectionWithDragAndDrop and Preferences.SetTextSelectionWithDragAndDrop.
  • Added Window.Activate function.
  • Added DisableFunction function.
  • Added new parameter to Window.HideScrollbars to disable our resize event watcher.
  • Added Window functions to query left, top, width and height.
  • Added Files.List function
  • Form utility improved: Avoids black input fields, shows HTML code, shows options for select fields and updates URL field to current URL. And code signed for Mountain Lion.
  • Fixed problem with CURL.AddInputPNG.
  • Fixed a bug in a Mac function which verified window references so you once again can work on multiple windows and not just the front window.
  • Fixed Window.SetAlpha to return errors on Windows correctly.
  • Fixed crash with Path.FilemakerPathToNativePath on Windows.
  • Fixed bug on Mac in Webviewer callback handler. Please check that your projects will work.
  • Changed Path.FilemakerPathToNativePath to also remove filemac:, filewin: and file: prefixes.
  • Ported project to Xcode 4.4 on Mac OS X 10.8. We only had to update screen functions.
  • With backdrop window on Mac we hide other apps if you switch to FileMaker from other app and backdrop is active.
  • Normal drag handler scripts are no longer called in layout mode. We could also disable other script callings in that case if needed or make it an option.
  • Improved SQL functions Unicode string handling. Now using UTF-8 for all strings.
  • If trace is on, the webview callback prints the received status message to debug console.
  • Updated to SQLAPI++ 4.0.1.

New in version 2.7   New in version 2.9

More details in the Release notes.