Release notes for version 2.5 - 24th January 2012

New functions in 2.5

  • Added CURL plugin functions to download/upload with http/https/ftp/ftps/sftp and sending/receiving emails with pop3/imap/smtp.
  • Added CUPS plugin functions to query printers and print jobs, cancel print jobs, and sending data to printer.
  • Added WebView.DisableJavascriptAlerts to disable javascript alert on Mac.
  • Added Math.HexToDec and Math.DecToHex.
  • Added new optional NoAnimation parameter to Window.Resize function.
  • Fixed a memory leak with GMImage.NewFromContainer.
  • Fixed a memory leak with container JPEG functions.
  • Fixed a few small memory leaks.
  • Fixed a bug where GMImage.NewFromContainer did not read a container value, because there were two JPEG streams and the first one was empty.
  • Fixed the error above for JPEG functions, too.
  • Updated Screenshot functions for Mac OS X 10.7.
  • Improved documentation with table formatting.
  • Improved Form Utility:
    • Now shows right commands for textarea, checkbox and select fields.
    • Added Images tab.
    • Now uses $ for variable names.
  • Improved reading containers for Container.GetJPEG* functions, especially for external jpeg files. Same for PDFKit, GraphicsMagick and functions
  • Improved GMImage.NewFromContainer so it now also reads references image files.
  • Trace function now works again with logging to file.
  • Please note: You need a Developer license for creating Runtimes.

New in version 2.4   New in version 2.6

More details in the Release notes.