Goodies 41: Field Picker

We have a few enhancement for the field picker on macOS.

Copy the full field specification

Sometimes the little things make live easier. We had for some time various contextual menus in FileMaker to copy what is in a list. New for 14.1 is the option to copy the full field specification (table occurrence and field name together) if you click on a field name in a field picker like in the picture below:

e.g. in the example above it would copy "Assets::Type" instead of just copying the text "Type".
Please try later in 14.1 pre-release. You may enjoy that our copy content command will recognize checkboxes in a list and provide the value of the checkbox as 0 or 1 or - for mixed state.

Go to last table occurence

In the field picker dialogs the MBS Plugin will remember the last table occurence you picked. Then next time you come to the dialog, we show a little widget on the top right to quickly go to the same table occurrence:

Once you click the link, we hide it.

Brackets Highlighting 41 Preferences Dialog