Goodies 31: Font setting for Script Workspace and Calculations

For the Script Workspace, I found a way to add zoom controls, so with FileMaker 14 and newer you can soon zoom:

The buttons zoom out, 100% and zoom in.

And for various calculation dialogs, we can apply a minimum font size:

So whenever the plugin formats the formula, it can apply a bigger font size than FileMaker does by default.

Especially for presentations it may be worth to install MBS Plugin and adjust sizes.

JetBrains Mono

Check out the JetBrains Mono font. It got some attention and a couple of people asked whether we can have that in FileMaker as font for the Script Workspace and/or calculation dialog. The font has a few nice features for developers including easy to distinguish 0 and O characters as well as 1, l and I all easy to recognize. A couple of ligatures help to make code easier readable with minus and greater than drawing more like an arrow for example. See yourself in a calculation:

Here is the Script Workspace with Jet Brains Mono:

You can adjust the font setting in the preferences dialog. The font list lets you pick Default to not change it, then pick a monospaced font or below all other fonts. Not all fonts draw nicely in FileMaker, so you may have drawing issues with some of them. And you need to restart FileMaker in case you change font.

This feature came with version 10.1 of MBS Plugin for macOS.

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