Goodies 22: Links for MBS and Get functions

We got options in preferences for the MBS Plugin to make all function names clickable links within calculations:

As you may know we have the option to make MBS functions clickable in the calculation dialogs in FileMaker. You type a function and we directly link it to the documentation page to check the details of the function. Especially for beginners it is a great help to have the links easily accessible.

Get functions

We got the same links for Get() functions in FileMaker (and Hole in German as well as Obtenir in French). Our plugin has a list of the function names with their links, so we can add the link annotation to the formula text. Here is a collage of the dialogs for several languages:

We recognize the localized and the English name. Yes, sometimes we like to type the English name and FileMaker then auto translates it to whatever language it is when closing the dialog. The tooltip shows you the URL, if you hover the mouse cursor over it. The link is based on the current localization of FileMaker.

If you like to get the links, you need to turn them on in the preferences dialog "with links" checkbox or call the SyntaxColoring.SetFormulasWithLinks function passing 1.

Please try the feature. As usual this is macOS only addition.


If you use the Dash application, you can use the option "Use Dash" in preferences dialog or activate it with SyntaxColoring.SetFormulasWithDashLinks function. Then the links point to the local dash database of documentation instead of the website.

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