Goodies 15: Handle ESC key for Touch Bar

Do you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar?

If yes, how often may you have pressed ESC key in FileMaker unintentionally?

Well, to keep you sane and not loose valuable custom functions by pressing ESC accidentally, we got a new option in MBS Plugin preferences dialog for you:

So optional the MBS FileMaker Plugin 8.1 and newer will be able to block ESC key presses without modifier keys. And if you press option key, we remove the flag for the option key from the event and pass it though to FileMaker. So ESC alone is blocked, but Option-ESC goes through as if you pressed ESC.

The feature only takes effect on MacBook Pros with TouchBar, only inside FileMaker application, only if enabled, and only if you use the internal keyboard.

You can enable this feature using the preferences dialog. The checkbox is hidden if you don't have a Touch Bar.

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