Goodies 9: Zoom text in scripts

When you have the Script Workspace open on macOS, you can use plus and minus buttons on top to zoom into the text. The = button in the middle will zoom to 100%. Plus will zoom in 20% and minus will zoom out 20%. We put in barriers to avoid too much zoom.

The line numbers drawn in Script Workspace don't follow the zoom, but you can still click before the line to set a breakpoint. It will just not show where you clicked, but still work.

You enable this feature in the preferences dialog or using the SyntaxColoring.ZoomButton.SetEnabled function.

This feature has been implemented for all the tables in FileMaker including the dialogs for layouts, tables, fields and the data viewer.

⌘ Fto set focus to search field for current script.
⌘ ⇧ F to set focus to script list search.
⌘ + zooms in.
⌘ -zooms out.
⌘ =zooms to 100%.

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