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Mac macOS


( 498M Mirror )

Windows Windows


( 517M Mirror )

Linux Linux


( 517M Mirror )

All archives contain the same content.

Documentation190.pdf ( 78M Mirror )

Installation.pdf ( 580K )

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Do you use Dropbox? If not get an account here for free. Once you have an account, you can email us, so we add you to our shared plugin folder. This way you always have latest plugins on your computer.

For Xojo Mac IDE

MBS-Xojo-Plugins190.dmg 498M Mirror Complete plugin package
MBS-Xojo-Plugins-plugins190.dmg 418M Mirror Only the plugin files for Xojo
MBS-Xojo-Plugins-docs190.dmg 25M Mirror Only the offline documentation
MBS-Xojo-Plugins-examples190.dmg 56M Mirror Only the examples

For Xojo Windows and Linux IDE

MBS-Xojo-Plugins190.zip 517M Mirror Complete plugin package
MBS-Xojo-Plugins-plugins190.zip 415M Mirror Only the plugin files for Xojo
MBS-Xojo-Plugins-docs190.zip 39M Mirror Only the offline documentation
MBS-Xojo-Plugins-examples190.zip 62M Mirror Only the examples

For REALbasic 2006r4 and newer and all Real Studio versions

Please ask.

Trial: Looking for demo/trial? Simply download and try plugin without license key in demo mode.
For more tests maybe ask for trial license.

Mirror on dropbox.com

Xojo versions compatibility.

If needed, you can ask us to burn a DVD for you with all plugins and tutorial videos.

Real Studio? If you need plugins for Real Studio, please contact us.

MBS FileMaker tutorial videos